Want to buy Phat Mason

Hey guys I tried contacting longhairboy and no luck. Does he still makes the Phat Mason deck?

I’m sure he’ll respond soon how long have you given him? @longhairedboy

@joeadams101 Have you checked out his website?

He has a day job so be patient … And a little one …

He will definitely reply, give him 24 hrs. I’ve always gotten a response within 24 hrs. Check his instagram, he posts more there.

lol this is how far i’ve come in the past year. It says a lot when people post on forums that they can’t contact you.

to close the loop, i have responded by email. And photorph is right, i do need about 24 hours. Toddler, full time plus what amounts to two part time jobs, family time, time for ritualistic sacrifices to Lord Skatan… … blah blah blah. Usually i respond immediately though. Or at least as soon as i possibly can.