Want To Buy : Raptor 2 Wheels

Hi all,

I would like to buy some Raptor 2 back wheels, as i need some and there are none in stock in the online store.

If anyone has some please let me know.


the urethane formula is currently shit, but the new formula is better

new wheels should be back this month (according to enertion at least)

Hopefully they can get ontop of the urethane problem soon.

Are there any other sleeves that would fit on the hub motors instead of using enertions?

Nope lol :rofl:

Until they spend the money to make good wheels, they will keep putting out crappy wheels… good wheels are not cheap and if enertion sold them, they would have to be $100 each to fit their profit margin.


Their new batches aren’t that bad, I rode them for 20 miles straight throttle pegged most of the time trying to keep up with two people I was riding with

It takes a lot to get a good formula. Luckily, working with abec for the past couple of decades, a&e engineers learned how to make a good formula. We were blown away. Everything else we had made.for us or we made, even the dream thane, is crap in comparison. A lot of wheel markers but few seem to know formulas. It just costs a fortune. These prototype wheels cost $50 each.

They probably are bad

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I have some brand new ones that I will probably not use. They where shipped a few months ago.

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Hey man I bought my bored 1 year ago fukin spent all summer to get the money, and now I find out they im shit out of luck no retailers only got 1 pair of wheels and im hoping someone wants to sell I will give you 120$ 90mm hopefully

So much for my extended warranty

Get over to the real forum mate, you will likely find more help.


I set up a subreddit for all this because I feel like the above forum is not very accessible as this site corrupts the link and there’s not an easy way to find it.

/r/enertion is the subreddit

hey I dk whay happend to this forum but still ineed of thane if u got any srouses , cheap preferably

try here