Want to pull power from Meepo ESC or get buck/ubec/bec. Need help!

I bought this:

I have 5v LED strips I want to power up. I tried using a USB stick but I went over some bricks and it vibrated the USB stick to a point it wouldn’t turn on anymore (only took minutes lol). I rather just wire it into the ESC or inline from battery. Possible? If so, how?

Any 5v supply from that esc is most likely going to be low amperage, thus I would not wire anything to it. You’d need to add a buck converter to your Li-Ion output.

Yeah I was thinking that. So based on the kit and battery I purchased, what kind of buck would I need to get? Confused as to the specs I’d need to be within range of.

Depends on the voltage of your pack and the amp draw of the led strip.

I linked to the kit that I bought. It should have the specs on the battery. The lights are here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075VSRKB3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_QD.yBb073A6F4

I only know they’re 5v led strips.

Yup… They don’t mention the pack voltage/for you to figure out. Get a multimeter, ask the vendor, see if it’s mentioned on the label of the pack or elsewhere.

Since the led strip has a USB connection, I am Going to assume the led strip needs 500-900 mA (USB 2 vs USB 3). It’s always a good practice to get something that delivers a bit more, thus I’d recommend a buck converter capable of delivering 1.5A at 5v.

This is the battery:

So I guess it’s 36v? So I need a 36v to 5v step down?

Would this work then?

Fully charger is actually 42v, but the description mentions 52 max input. Should work.

Thank you for the help! I get the device tomorrow so hopefully it’s an easy fix. Was super annoyed when my USB charger died at the start of my ride because of the rattling on a brick street.

Wired it all up today and it came out great!

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if you decide you want something smaller lemme know…i had a big converter like that at the beginning but was huge…


this could fit “craft-ily” inside the battery case and have extras since i dont need 6 =P