Want to sell | ASAP | CHEAP | 200kv Hummie Hubs x2 with trucks (complete)

Looking to sell these amazing hubs. Perfect for any speed demons, or people who want simple hubs, ready to go

Willing to let go of them cheap, and will ship world wide in a protected box. (Send me offers)

I have used this for maybe 50km, they get abit hot, but i am a heavy rider. They are in top condition, and ready to ride

I do believe these are the only such hubs in the world (correct me if im wrong)

These do go fast, but i limited my vesc to 40k erpm and went 40-50km/ph

Won’t get too hot on a average weight rider, perfect for most people riding on generally flat areas.

Thanks for viewing

How much are you asking for these?

pm me. 10char

How much do you want for them.

I would pay 200+ for them they are the best you can get in terms of integrated solution