Want to update firmware but don't want to mess up the VESC


Trying to update my firmware so I can use VESC tool instead of BLDC tool for this older vesc. The older VESC supports firmware for 2.18 but my VESC tool requires 3.37 or 3.38. I see the options to update firmware but its given me a couple warnings when doing so. Can someone tell me what I need to do here before I mess something up?

Trust it and don’t interrupt it. Do not unplug the power.

I’d suggest getting an STlink

If you messed up then you need a STlink to reflash firmware.

Any luck updating the firmware?

You most likely have a 4.12 hw so you will want to flash the 410,411,412 vesc-default. Where did you get your vesc

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You are in the bootloader tab. Have you tried just the included files tab and selecting 410 411 412, and does that give you the same message?

If you haven’t flashed a bootloader, your vesc from TB should have came with one preinstalled and you should just be able to select the firmware in the other tab instead of your bootloader in the bootloader tab and update FW that way.