Want to wire LED strip lights to ESC switch

Hey there, Can someone photoshop some things on top of this image and tell me what does what? Specifically, I am trying to wire in some LED lights and a better voltage meter. I have a 50v to 5v buck which I had wired after the batteries which worked great, but obviously kept the LED’s on all the time! I want to have the LED’s come on only after pressing the power button (when the ESC is on). So I know I have to tap into something, just not sure what. I also want to put a voltage meter on top of the board so I need to know how what to tap into for that too. Obviously that ribbon but would like to know the wiring better.

I have a multimeter but not sure what to touch. I have red and black leads on the meter, but what do I ground the black to to test each wire!? Scared to touch anything! HELP!


Update: I did test the red and black wires that go to the switch. It appears that when the switch is turned on, I can get voltage (maybe 2V) from those wires. But I need 5V, so what should I do? My guess would be a relay of some sort but I don’t know what is small enough to fit into this box.

I would just add a separate switch for LED’s I ended up blowing my battery readout eswitch trying to run LED’s on a similar ESC. It still worked, but I ended up wiring the battery readout and the led’s to a second on/off switch.

That’s certainly an option, but I’ve seen YouTube videos of this ESC and LED’s working together nicely. So I just need to know how to wire it up. So I know it’s possible.

Multimeter ground (black) goes on this black wire


Then move the red wire around

Cool, that’s what I thought. That will help me with poking around! Trying to emulate what this guy did:

If reliability is a trait you like your boards to have, might I suggest using a separate battery for that stuff and make it independent of the drivetrain

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Forgive me for asking, but wouldn’t a relay sourcing power straight from the batteries and getting it’s on/off source from the 2v out on the ESC work? therefore the power comes in at 36v and i use a buck to downgrade to 5v, that should work 100%. what is your concern about reliability?

The number one enemy of esk8 is vibration. Heavy vibration can make stuff fail in ways you never imagined.

You can envision taking the board after you are done with it, picking it up, and hitting it wheels-first as hard as you can against a concrete wall for 45 minutes. Because in fact that is exactly what the board feels while you are riding it.

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A relay will fail quickly and waste power while it’s working correctly. A logic-level MOSFET would be a much better choice

Oh man. This is above my pay grade! I know about relays from dealing with 12v vehicles and stuff, it’s pretty standard to use them. I don’t know how to wire up this MOSFET you mention, leaving me basically at a stand still like when I created this post.


Looks like a foreign language to me… No idea what I would need to purchase, where I would connect things, etc…

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Ahh, nevermind that specific MOSFET turns on at 3V anyway. My bad

Look up solid state automotive relay. I’m not sure how much voltage they handle but it would wire up like a relay and function like a relay but uses much less space, power, and are more reliable. I’ve used them on motorcycles before with good success

do you want the lights to come on when you switch on?

Those won’t be rated for 60V probably. They will contain MOSFETs inside though, wired similarly

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YES!!! I had it wired into the battery before but I hated turning the lights on/off. I want it to be like the video I linked to above.

I was thinking of doing this on my sons meepo and was going to try splicing into the led wiring to the switch. @b264 any reason why this wouldn’t work? I do have a vedder type switch which has all the wiring identified clearly so if I get time I’ll wire up an old strip light to it and see later. The only problem with that esc I can see is identifying the wiring but a multi meter should tell you

You can engineer a solution that will work, sure :slight_smile:

Yeah I mean all you really need is a 5v output from the esc and that’s what the led on the switch requires so should work in theory.
@tkc check back with you in a few hours after i’ve been your guinea pig :grinning: