Wanted: 10s dual belt drivetrain USA

Looking for any dual belt drive train with front trucks for a 10s4p build, on a little budget and not looking to spend more than 250$ Hmu with offers, thanks

Need to be a bit more specific my friend. Belt, gear, hubs trucks wheels etc. Also put the location on either your profile or the thread title. Better the thread title to make things easier for folks to make offers.

I should post this over on esk8 news, correct?


You should post everything over on news from now on. Iā€™m like the rear guard. Carefully guiding people to the fun side without getting banned.:laughing:

Seriously though if you want attention then both is the best way.

@boardnamics motor mounts

Caliber 2 trucks

2 flipsky 6355 motors. (The older models, not the new ones)

Pulleys and belts https://m.banggood.com/15mm-Wide-Belts-DIY-ABEC-Flywheel-Pulley-Kit-265mm-255mm-p-1222305.html?rmmds=search

Any abec flywheel clones (try Amazon, i use 93mm $30 clones and they are fantastic)