Wanted: 12mm motor pulley

That’s what I need, new or used doesn’t need really matter. Whose got an extra?

16t preferably

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Sell stuff, buy stuff … man your a mess lol

Haha seriously. I can’t find this part for less than 15 bucks. I’m not paying 15 for it I usually have a million laying around

I got em, http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/15t-12mm-wide-htd-motor-pulley/

the funny thing is, i have a few enertion ones but i need one with a set screw. Since im not using R-specs.

I have 15mm 15t with key and set screws in case you’re looking to upgrade for $11 each and $3 shipping

I’m gonna stick with the 12 since I have the rest of the parts already. Thanks though

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Hey…what’s 3mm between friends? Lol


Lol I will go insane if im miss matching pulleys

Hahaha you and @lowGuido

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Can no one spare a pulley for a dear old friend :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll buy it from @torqueboards

Check with @psychotiller. I think he has some left.

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lol I have them. 13T 16T 18T in 12mm. @barajabali

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