Wanted: 12s BMS USA (solved)

As topic states! 20 charc

Anybody please??

Eu, usa? Ten char

USA 10 charc


I don’t need a high discharge capacity as that just increases the price. I am bypassing for charge only.

That’s actually a really good price and you don’t sacrifice anything since it’s actually better to discharge through the bms, saving 20 bucks on what protects the most dangerous component of your board isn’t where you should try and save money

I know but I really just want it for charge only. It is a very good price but I really don’t need it.

then use aliexpress they have cheap ones you can bypass for 5 bucks and u can expedite the shipping

Are they reliable

Not to mention they sold out of the 12s liion model last night. Will be out for one month. If anyone knows any other reasonably priced distributors in the US lemme know.