Wanted 12s4p 30q battery and Enclosure for LY Evo

Hello, I’m looking for a 12s4p 30q single stack with bms battery premade or builder (one that actually does it in week or so and not months of waiting). Enclosure for Landyachtz Evo falcon. Both new or used.

Was gonna order Psychotiller battery n enclosure but seems he’s busy and not able to meet deadline according to some threads here. Located in Socal

where in socal?

i build batteries, could make you a 12s4p flat pack.

my battery designs have changed quite a bit since the linked post. i can send you some more info and photos of more recently batteries.

i’m in dtla.

I live close by dtla

Wish I asked the forum as well, I ordered a 10s4p landyachtz evo battery from psycho and have had 0 response. Do you think its worth waiting or should i pursue other options?

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if you want it quick, just ask for a refund and buy from a faster seller


Same no reply over a month no shipping info, no reply to emails. Having enertion flashbacks…

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yeah getcho refunds and buy from @ARetardedPillow

best quality packs with 1-2 week turnaround time, + a few days for shipping.

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Eric post photos of your work I want to see it so I can know if I can recommend you in good conscience :stuck_out_tongue:

his IG has some pictures @nyc.bolt


I should really start taking photos, I make packs all the time but never document anything

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