WANTED: 6374 Motor Mount for Caliber II Trucks

Hello, If anybody has a motor mount similar to the protoboards mount for a 6374 motor, I’d be happy to buy it. I’m in the UK so Europe preferably.

Cheers, Doug

These are a little way off but they look like a pretty good option?

Otherwise I’ve got an unused enertion mount which I’ve not got round to using yet which I could be convinced to part with for the right money. I’ll have to check what it owes me.

Are you on the uk Facebook page by the way? Very small but helpful community!

In fact @WARMAN should still have a mount left here?


I never even knew there was a UK Facebook page… I didnt even see that post! I take it the enertion motor mount fits the caliber trucks because the enertions are just clones?

Yep they’re made to fit calibers. I can check though when I get back on Thurs as I have a set of calibers waiting to be built into something too! The Facebook page is “UK E-sk8t” There are a few uk based skaters on there now so a little bit more relevant to us!

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Ah okay I got the facebook page. That’d be great if you could check, just bear in mind, I will need to modify the calibers so the enertion pulley fits. I pm’d @WARMAN but the thread looked a little inactive so not sure when I will get a reply :slight_smile:


Hi @Dougieman1001 yeah I have an enertion mount left fits caliber trucks also 2 enertion enclosure’s if your interested,will pm you details for the mount,thanks for the mention @bigben

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Great! I’m ready waiting :stuck_out_tongue: I wont need the enclosures as I’m not making a custom pack.