Wanted: 63mm Motor Mount

I need a motor mount for an aerodrive sk3 6364 for caliber trucks. $80 for a $2 piece of machined aluminum is crazy!!

That is what you call supply and demand. $2 is a bit low, I’d say total around $15-$20 total cost.

Machining aluminum is not that cheap…

Enertion’s mount is only $60 and it is amazing!

it’s about $15 for a 3’‘x24’’ piece of aluminum in 6061 series, so $2 dollars would be less than the materials, bits, time, shipping, etc.

But how many parts can you make with a 3x24" piece? A lot. So even if the cost to the manufacturer is $10 a bit, that’s still a 600% markup, and $60 is the cheapest mount possible. And that’s the cost to you an I, imagine how cheap it is with a bulk discount.

I guess that’s economy though. Gotta have tools to make your own, regardless of how cheap and simple the part is.

Not that simple my friend. Read through this and you will understand what you are paying for.

You could probably make a solid 4 mounts with that much aluminum… Maybe 5.

Plus a $30 dollars bit ($10 dollar bit wouldn’t last long enough to cut more than a couple mounts) makes a $45 dollar (roughly) investment for 4 mounts. Plus cnc time, CAD, actually owning a cnc… Etc.

How come iphones are $800 but less than $200 in parts? Because people with still buy iphones at that price point is the answer, lol.

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Would you mind sharing the dimensions of the caliber trucks? And is the bolt spacing for the motor mount measured diagonally, or the sides of the square the 4 bolts form?

At this point I think fabricating my own is going to be the cheapest option, but I don’t have any of my parts yet to take any measurements :frowning:

I have access to a CNC mill and got my aluminum for free. Yet it still cost me more than $2 to machine my own mount, not including design time

What kind of mounts do you have ?

How many do you need? I can make you one for 45.00. I have been selling aluminum mounts for 50xx but have made 3 mounts for 63mm SK3 (149kv). I made the mounting holes at 32mm square center to center, is yours the same. I can have them done in a little over a week. let me know if you are interested - here is the thread for the 50xx verson. The 63mm version is a little longer and uses a 265mm belt with adjustability up and down. The clamp is for caliber trucks and is .5" thick and the arm is .25" thick.

mounts for sale

interest for Ollin mounts

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Do you know how much each endmill costs? how much a VMC costs? Its not just the materials…

Those are for Cronins, not calibers

I machined my first motor mounts with my CNC machine… Worked great for a while. Only cost like $5

Please have a look at my mount. We are closing the group buy very soon. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/carbon-motor-mount-8/10088?u=fedestanco

BTW (final prices: 8$ carbon part—14$ aluminum 7075 part----and you pay the shipping from italy to your house)

Any chance you’re in canada? :stuck_out_tongue: