Wanted 63xx Motor

looking for an unused motor in brand new condition still in box for under $90

I have them, and can ship tomorrow for $80 each.

Let me know if you have any questions!

those are not 6355 torqueboards

His are awesome

yes but i have 5.5mm bullet connectors on my vesc

The motors come with 3x female 4mm bullet connectors so you wouldn’t have to purchase them separately

im not good at sottering so i will probably just ruin the vesc

Ok let me see if I have 5.5mm male connectors. If so I could solder them on for you

ok let me know also i have 2 6s lipo batteries in series(12s) 5200 mah can the motor hold up with those batteries and a torqueboards vesc?

Make sure to limit the erpm

-60000 and 60000 right?? and @JLabs will that setup work with your motor

Yes it will if limiting the erpm. I checked and don’t have any male 5.5mm bullet connectors. If you really need the motor you can send me the VESC and I can solder the 4mm bullets on. I can then ship the motor and VESC back at the same time.

It is a very simple solder connection to make. So maybe a friend could help you out?

ok then nevermind. unless you can ship the motor with the 5.5mm male bullet connectors

but thanks anyways. appreciate it

does anyone else have anything?

Why not just order from @torqueboards if you want a TB motor?

i ordered a motor from them already once and it came defective and i submitted a ticket and even after a week no responsse so i sold it for parts. Not such a great experience.

also hoping someone would give it to me a bit cheaper on the forum

I’ve got 2 6354 190kv TB motors but they are used, kinda scratched up. Work perfectly, just well loved. PM if you are interested.

I would also take the exertion r spec if anyone has