Wanted abec 97mm retainer ring x2

Hi,as the title says looking for 2x retainer rings for 97mm ABEC FLYWHEELS. I ordered 2x hobbyking pulley kits unaware that the retainer rings and hardware was not included and is out of stock!

I’ve got one.

I could maybe 3d print the other

Hi,what material is it made out of and what sort of price you looking for?

Pretty sure its aluminium and like ÂŁ3 posted

obviously if you want the 3d printed version aswell it will be plastic

The hobbyking wheel pulley does not properly fit flywheels, at least not MBS 100mm wheels. You´ll have to file down some plastic. I have the same kit and I bought a fender washer that I drilled holes in, to use as a retainer ring.

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I came across a thread with someone saying they fit well on the 97mm FLYWHEELS so will see when they turn up. Do You have a link for those fender washers with the right dimensions,that would work for me till I can order the right parts.


Dude, the MBS 100mm wheels, which are a clone or copy of the flywheels cores, is not the same, it’s off and it’s the bad part, not the pulley…try dropping it into an authentic Abec11 wheels, any of them…and then tell me again how the pulley doesn’t fit flywheels when they don’t fit your crappy clones…

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I have a few of those rings lying around in my garage here in Sac, but I don’t have time to ship stuff…

Thats the thread i came across with your picture and you saying they fit better than any other pulley you have used.

They do fit better than all the other pulleys for flywheels I have tried, because they almost self center themselves…it’s pretty cool…and they are alloy, wide and strong and cheap…

That’s exactly why I bought them they look like they fit snug, guess I’ll just have to wait a while to get the proper fittings! If You change your mind and have a bit of time at some point pm me,I’ll pay you what they are on the site.

Sure, the MBS wheels are a copy. Altough the quality of this kit is quite shit to be honest, since it is aluminium. The teeth on the motor pulley is completely worn down, only after about two weeks of riding. These pulleys does not take a beating the same way quality steel pulleys do.

The belt is also a bit thicker than other belts, making it skip over teeth on any other wheelpulley than the hobbyking one.

Iv got mounts with dual idlers so hopefully that helps.

Yea and also try to fit a cover for the motor pulley, so that you minimize the amount of small rocks and debris that get under the belt.

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I have a couple of them too.

Just holding out to see if anyone has 2 they can ship,failing that I might take you up on the offer of 3d printing them so I can use them till the UK warehouse has them back in stock!

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