WANTED - Battery Spot Welder or welding service (UK)

I’m looking for a second hand spot welder or someone to weld up a pack I’m wanting to build.

Either one of the cheap China welders or even one of the Arduino ones would be fine.


Is there someone who welds packs around the London / SE area?

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Hi I want the same, maybe we can split costs?

Thats a good idea! If I find anyone I’ll let you know for sure.

You can try googling for battery repacking in your area, i know a couple here in Melbourne that do it, the sunkko spotwelders arent that expensive either, especially if you split cost’s, their about 150usd shipped for the 787a+

Great I’ll have a look around too, going to have a nose about the ebike community when I get some time.

You know what, I’m thinking I might as well but a spot welder. I can either rent the thing out or weld packs for people as it seems a little dry in the UK

I have by my Spot welder by Ebay i became it from from UK warehouse

But the problem was that when u used the Welder was 230V an 16A fuse

not enough.

I have 380V and there was 3 x 230V 20A and i used only 1 phase from

the 3 and then working with 20A Fuse.

Sunkko 787

I think when you want a good Welder, you must build your self.

What about the 709a? All these devices need a leakage breaker. Starting to sound complicated and probably even more expensive. Maybe the Arduino kit that uses a 12 V car battery would be better. Its £50 and all I need is a car battery, welding tips.

Also sounds a lot safer

I’ve just finished my Soldered pack. I know in an ideal world you’d spot weld but it might be an option if costs start spiraling.

I did think about that but I’m worried about damaging cells. The Arduino kit is not expensive and will probably cost me £100. I can then at least weld more packs in the future. I’m thinking of building a second board this summer.

Funny how quickly before the first board is finished, thoughts turn to the next haha. I closely watched the voltages of the cells as I worked and took as many measures as I could to avoid heat building up, working in a freezing workshop probably helped too. I guess time will tell.

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At least keep us all informed of how it performs @Norco

I’d been keeping watch on this http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/also-usa-10s4p-samsung-25r-190/12458?u=hardwiring @EssEnn but I arrived after the party was over,

I spotted 1 post in it however

I can build you a custom battery if you can wait one more month

Its about post 60… I was thinking of PMing Tarzan or checking his previous posts as shipping to/from Germany might be do-able or just do this @TarzanHBK and see if he is going to start offering welding or pack manufacture at a reasonable cost.

I have most of the parts ready for a build and the battery is going to hold me up TBH I will chuck in some cash towards a welder if that’s the best option

Will do. I double checked every joint and all seemed solid. My concern was that any flex or twist might over time pull the joints apart but now it is wrapped in heat shrink it feels rock solid.

Well i have put my name down in the waiting list for the Arduino kit. Hopefully they will be back in stock on the 17th and I can order one.

@Hardwiring where are you located? I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to get my own welder. I have not idea how much it is all going to cost. I’ll work that out tomorrow but I think it could be doable if I go the Arduino route. I’m going to try and get one of these https://www.tindie.com/products/KaeptnBalu/diy-arduino-battery-spot-welder-prebuilt-kit/ and then its just a car battery, wire, copper and a car battery. And a battery charger. And a foot switch. I recon I can find some of it cheap.

How are your soldiering skills? I’m up in matlock, I looked at that kit, the soldiering of the wires that lead to the tip were my ownly concern. You just need to use quite a powerful Iron to make good quality connections.

Keep me in the loop, this might be the best solution.

I got an 80w iron and I think I’m able to do those wires. At least it is not fiddly and small soldering.

Pity we aren’t closer… let me know how you’re getting on. I’ll PM you see if we can’t work something out that is beneficial to us both.

Saw this https://youtu.be/UU7QC5Uby6M on another thread :blush:

I saw that link but i think the 12V method is a lot safer.

The Arduino kit is about £55 landed to the UK. Battery chargers new from halfords are £25. I’m going to try and source a second hand car battery (I know a few mechanics who might have some knocking about) preferably a sealed one so shipping is a lot easier. 12V PSU is easy, about £6 on Amazon. Then its just the cables and copper welding thingys.

I reckon it could be put together for about £100 and I can use my works UPS account to ship anywhere in the UK for about £15 MAX each way.

I just hope the guy is going to have enough available when they go on sale on the 17th!

Have you seen this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182409889697