Wanted bestech D140 12s bms EU

Where can I get 2x bestech d-140 12s Li ion charge only Bms’s in UK/EU??

Thanks Matt


Or anywhere tbh, I just need to get them ordered!

Bestech? I have some on order, I can check to see how the order is progressing?

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That would be perfect matey thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve asked the question!

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Good morning @bigben, did you hear owt back?

Cheers Matt

I did manage to get a couple of extras chucked in. They say that they were just about to ship them yesterday. I’ll let you know when they’re on the move…

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Ace, thanks matey :slight_smile:

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They’re here! I’ll PM you.

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If you have an extra 12s liion D140 I am interested.

Hey man! I know this is a long shot… but i dont suppose you have one of these D140s still knocking around somewhere do you?

Im struggling to find an EU seller

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Sorry. Just enough for my upcoming builds.

You need the bms as fast as possible? If no than just order some from bestech directly and sell the the left over for a good price and in the end it will even pay you off your. If you order just a small amount like 2-5 i can imagine you can request a sample declaration, which in fact it is and tax should be like nothing.

No worries @bigben :slightly_smiling_face:

That sounds like a sound plan @Andy87 :wink:


If you write them a mail ask for special sample declaration :wink: did work for me last time.