WANTED: Boosted-like Enclosures in EU

Hi guys, my build should be finished in a couple of weeks, now I’m thinking about the last thing I wanted to deal with: the enclosure. My first plan was to get one of @Dunkirk’s great ones, but months passed by and he doesn’t seem to be active anymore, he won’t reply to my DMs. So, does anybody have/can make a couple of ABS or kydex enclosures for me? Eboosted’s one are very good, but price and shipping costs killed it Dunkirk’s price is 30 euros each, so I was thinking something around that price It’s going to hold 2 stacks of 18650s on top of each other, so about 3,5cm of height, I will posts photos and exact dimensions later. Thank you :slight_smile:

difference between dunkirks and eboosteds is more than just price. I bought both, dunkirks didn’t hold up. Eboosteds enclosures are solid. I have a 14ah 10s4p in the config you describe. A poor man buys twice.

I simply don’t have the money to buy 60+40+20 euros just for enclosures :confused: I won’t attach things directly to the enclosure, and I will be able to fix cracks and so on. I mean, at the end it’s just an abs sheet, once you already have a mold.

eboosted’s is a fibreglass enclosure - no comparison in quality I might be able to ship you my spare dunkirk enclosure. Don’t know what postage from Australia will be though.

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