WANTED: Caliber 2 50° in Europe

Hey guys, I’m having some trouble finding caliber trucks at a reasonable price in Europe. I need a pair of two, possibly black. The lowest price i found was 60 euros (shipped) that seems really too much, considering that they cost 35 dollars on amazon.com If anyone has some he doesn’t need, those would be really appreciated. Thanks!


37.5 each here

60Eur is standard here, cause Caliber Trucks Co. is an US brand and they exporting them worldwide for a higher price. If you´re lucky you find some discounted ones somewhere, or hit a good deal from ebay or something.


thats one truck and it´s not cheap :wink:

Oh ha thought he said €60 per truck

Damn, double the price just for being in Europe, that’s annoying :expressionless: I found some for 25 euros each + 10 for shipping, I’ll take those. If anyone has some used ones, hit me up!

Anyone know if these are the same (Or close enough) to a caliber hanger profile?