Wanted: caliber 55mm motor mount, hdt5m 15mm belt, hdt5m 16tooth motor pulley 8mm bore with keyway

WANTED: CALIBER MOTOR MOUNT, HDT5M 15MM BELT, HDT5M 16TOOTH MOTOR PULLEY, prefered from europe so shipping isn’t to high. Im from the netherlands. Also not crazy high prices like 30 euro’s for a Pulley, anybody has onze or knows where to get onze? help a brother out with his first build!

Yeah, you asked me but unfortunately I only have 12mm pulley but I do have a caliber motor mount

could you send me a picture of the mount and what would the price be including shipping to netherlands?

does it fit a 50mm motor?

No, 63mm only

thats a bummer i got a 50mm motor

Bore size?

8mm shaft on the motor so 8mm bore i guess