Wanted cf enertion deck or any deck with casing for components

I am in Toronto canada


$360 CAN postage $65-$90CAN http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/enertion-carbon-fibre-deck-and-parts-for-sale-bundle-840us-1100aus/11218?u=dedbny

I can press a custom deck for you if you have a board for me to press it from. All of my decks are pressed from 20-25 layers of 100% Canadian maple grown in the northern part of Canada. I carve two hollow channels for electronics to imbedded. My current board fits a 12s4p plus a quad vesc without issue. Prices vary based on the length of the deck (which has a big effect on the cost of veneers), but prices are anywheres from $150-$200. Let me know if your interested.

  • Luke Rocket Boards

Sound good Luke do you have any pics and are they waterproof?

Hi do u have any pics and would you ship to ireland i have a idea of what i want but if u have a few pic if boards with the hollow channels that would be great

I would be interested in a deck aswell, with built in enclosure . Let me know if your still making them, and I can send you details. Im in UK