Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]

@ROFEN13 I have some heatsinks. They’re extremely cheap, but they take forever to ship from China… last ones I think took over 60 days.

Do you have any of the thermal adhesive?

I do not. I need to get some of that too.

You may be able to salvage a heatsink from an old pc or game system… I pulled mine out of an old xbox and cut it to size


Anyone have a Evolve remote that would work with a Carbon GT for sale?

His Aussie guy on FB. Not free but accepting offers


have 280mm htd5m 12mm belts 265mm htd5m 12mm belts

want 275mm htd5m 9mm belts 270mm htd5m 9mm belts

Anyone able to 3D print these shells in PETG for a fee? image image

Does anyone have 3x Abec11 90mm wheels laying around? I only need 3 to compliment my lonely Carvon 2.5 single, cored 90mm Abec11 wheel. Free would be awesome of course, but I’m happy to buy the 3 wheel set for a decent price.

Where in California you located? I’m in Pasadena, CA (LA county). I could help you would with 3D printing those shells for you.

I’m in Claremont, Ca, though I found a friend who is printing them for me.

Printer is preheating rn

Anyone got 310mm long 15mm wide belts or wheel and motor pulley?

I can make the wheel pullies most likely



Where are you located?

Texas 10char

Hoping someone has a extra Riptide coupon code maybe? Also looking to BUY single cal 50° &/or Randal 35° base plate.

Randal baseplates are not that expensive like 15-20 bucks

@briman05 where?

right on Randals website or sk8kings

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Looking for canbus plug. I’m running y splitters and heard you can’t use bluetooth module to see both VESC with splitter. Willing to pay if anyone have an extra laying around