Wanted: Custom made Enclosure (US)

I am looking for someone who can make me an at least semi-flexible enclosure out of either fiberglass or vacuum formed plastic. The design is roughly 6.5x1.5x27 inches internal, with some variation in a few places. The enclosure is going onto a loaded bhangra and I would like to preserve as much of the flex as possible so more flexible it can be the better.

Here is a tinkercad I made up of the desired shape of the internal mold:

Would be super interested to hear from anyone who thinks they could help.

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I know that Psychotiller makes some great stuff, he does not only enclosures but also other pieces you might need as well… https://psychotiller.com

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@Eboosted is your go to

Ive actually spoken to psycotiller, his setup is a bit to short to make this in one piece and he is super backed up. Id like to avoid a long wait / a 2 piece enclosure so I decided to see who else was out there.

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I wish my vacuum former worked properly… Its long enough I think my oven just sucks :smiley:

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The one I got from you worked great with 1 motor, but Ive changed ESC’s and am trying to add a second motor so its no longer big enough to hold everything.

@bigben I have bought 4 enclosures from him so far. They are super durable and look great! Made of fiberglass which I personally prefer over ABS. Shipping to the US isn’t really all that bad. Maybe an extra $15 or so. I think in total I paid $70 for each of the enclosures I bought including shipping.


oh haha, my bad! good luck :slight_smile:


Flex rules.

I only just read this…

In case you’re interested: I offer something similar… I can do it in fibreglass, carbon, whatever composite you want…

I’ve been working on it since Dec / Jan…

This was posted on May 29:

Demo___ Modular Battery Enclosure 1