Wanted - Electric Skateboard Monthly Rental

Hey guys!

I’m looking to rent an electric skateboard for last mile experimentates around Denver.

I’m currently doing test commutes on a (non-powered) longboard and comparing times to car/bike/public transit times, figuring out fatest and least-deadly routes for board commuting. I have a fairly new daily periscope channel with 300 followers and up to 900 concurrent live viewers depending on the type of scope.

I’d like to rent the board with a six month commitment for $150 per month or less. I want to rent a custom built board, and I would like email support from the builder.

Thanks in advance for considering!



Welcome to the Esk8 Community!

I’m sure we have some experienced DIY’ers, in the area that would love to help you out.

Do you have any requirements? Like Dual Motored? Minimum Battery Size/Range?

Glad to see another Denver E-Sk8er around! Curious why you’re looking to rent? For your budget ($150 x 6) of ~$900 you could build a pretty solid DIY with little to no prior experience. I understand the desire to have dedicated email support from the builder, but this form is filled with people that would be more than happy to help troubleshoot problems you have.

Hey Michael319 thanks for the reply. Ideally…

dual motor with a total range of 7 miles (for 3.5 mile round trip commute tests) would be ideal. I live up 3 flights with no elevator so lighter is better. :slight_smile:

It’s a good point @cloud_gnash … the short answer is this was the plan until live streaming took over my focus. That, my job, my activism, and 3 other (non e-skate) tinklab projects in various states of prototype-ness lol.

Plus, I really feel like you guys have the builder side under control, and my contribution would be greater just raising awareness and promoting what you guys are doing.

:slight_smile: -Bret

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Totally understandable. You will probably find someone willing to rent one out in that case. But if you want one to own, definitely consider something like a @longhairedboy custom build, his boards look awesome!

Im a total novice but am starting to plan out a custom build to make for the GF to ride alongside my Raptor on all these Denver bike trails. Another thought - theres a new user on the forums that seems to be starting an e-board company in Denver, @RadElectrics, that may be able to help

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I’d be willing to help you out, it’s about to be winter in Pennsylvania and I can’t ride in the snow (even tho I wish I could). How soon do you need it? Any specific requirements like plug and charge (BMS)? Other that the range and dual motor like you stated above.

A little about my self, not sure how long u have been on the forum. I’ve been building for almost a year and have a rock solid commuter board. I also started a company called Polar and run the https://electric-skateboard.market/store/polar website.

If you want a custom e-board @longhairedboy is the man. Not sure he does rentals though

Hey there @BoredCommuter Maybe hit up @Psychotiller. He has a couple of boards he loans out while building customer boards. I’m sure he would rent you one, for a bit.

THANKS cloud_gnash will check out @radelectrics !!!

JLabs, that would be amazin - the sooner the better but I’m flexible. I’m not sure about the BMS, would look to you on that. Love your site, really nice and simple! Let me know!

THANKS @mccloed I will!

And het that’s awesome about your build the TRAILS here are amazing (just moved from NC yr ago). Have you found anyone else in Denver to meetup and ride with?