Wanted: Enertion 12mm wheel pulley

Wondering if anyone has a couple drive pulleys they don’t want. I’ll take as many as i can get. US, California, based.

I think mine is 12mm, however im missing the bearing :confused:

New Unused Enertion 12mm Drive Pulley Kit

@i2oadsweepei2 is selling one right now for $40 plus shipping, he is located in canada

Only need the wheel pulleys, but thanks!

i have some…


I’d be happy to order some through you, but trying to avoid them costly AUS to USA shipping charges :sunglasses:

Bumperino. Still buying any and all 12mm Enertion pulleys!

I have two that I am not using, but they need new bearings. I damaged them taking them in and out so many times. They still work with the damaged bearings tho.

I can do $30 each shipped if you or anybody else is interested. You can buy new bearings on ebay for $6.

That’s like twice the price for damaged bearings man!

My bad, i thought Enertion pulleys were $40. I just realized I paid $40 for the pulley kit. How about $10 each shipped?

We just found a stack of 12mm wide alum wheel pulleys during a tidy up. Is this what you wanted?

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Deal! Are the bearings usable at all, or should i buy new ones? Got pictures of the pulley?

@onloop I want the nylon pulleys but getting 4 of them is $60 and shipping is $32… I’d much rather buy from you if it were more economical. Unfortunately i don’t have anything else to buy for free shipping.

Bearings are totally usable. Tested them myself. They look worse than they really are. Maybe you should wait till you get them and see for yourself before you order new bearings. These pulleys are practically brand new. I only used them for a week.

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pm’ing :slight_smile:

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How much for a set? Is it also 15/36? I guess no modification is needed on the trucks with these ones? Very intrested! :slight_smile:

That’s actually the old pulley, no chopping required though

Nice to hear that. My dremel skills are not the best. Don’t have a steady hand :slight_smile:

You are the best can’t wait to get my parts shipped from enertion and build my board !:+1:

@onloop Do you still have any alu wheel pulleys in stock? If so how much are you flipping them for?