Wanted (EU) Trampa Urban Carver Build

lookin for trampa urban carver build (with our without battery)…option for converting from street to AT wheels would be nice… (like kaly.nyc or unik) iam located in the EU.

Thanks :slight_smile:



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I bet @okp would build you one

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thanks ! yeah. UNiK is in the EU (Paris) and is based… on the middle room of my apartment!


Can highly recommend okp / unikboards.

Recently ordered some stuff from them, amazing customer support.

Really a company that wants their customers the best, and always there to help and ensure you that you get what you need and the best you can get.

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I have a new trampa street carver holypro 15ply probably. Optionally motor mounts, abec wheels, pulleys and belt. All new, reason for selling is changing to e-mtb before ever started building.

Can second that!! Love Cedric & Ben (probably sounds weird but those guys are really awesome), quality is top notch, design is great and support is awesome : )


price for everything? :slight_smile:

I created a topic