Wanted Evolve bamboo/carbon any condition aus only

Hey guys and girls, after an evolve board for a platform. Not really interested in your perfect condition stuff but if the price is right then maybe. What I’m after is the older crapped out dual motored versions that are stuffed/ out of warranty and collecting dust in the garage. Unfinished builds etc etc.
Yeah I know big ask but hell if you don’t ask… pm why

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@b264 was that a little crafty giggle there?

Yeah a little crafty giggle because esk8 has gotten to the point now where we need scrap/junk yards and a used board market and esk8 repair shops and perhaps an official used board price guide. Now we just need built-in hour meters in ESCs…

Jim’s esk8 shop 2017 Evolve CarbonGT with only 2700 hours for $price 2014 Metroboard Shortboard with 8500 hours for $price 2018 Boosted Stealth, written-off as total loss by insurance, $price OBO

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spirit of commerce my friend!
The opportunities are endless

stop ruining my blatant attempt at being a cheap bastard. :joy:

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