Wanted: Experienced Boardbuilder

I am serching for a experienced builder who has fun building electric skateboard. I bought an electric skateboard and now i want to step up to a custom build board. The Budget is roughly 900$. A builder in the Europeen area would be awesome, just becuase of the huge shipping prices from the US.

Is anyone interested?

Tell a bit more! From which country / region are u exactly?

Im pretty sure a lot of people can hook you up with parts… which part is the most unclear to you - electronics / mechanics or the part choice itself?

I am from germany. I am sure i could work myself into all of this, but I am completly full with work all of the time and the free time I have mostly sleep. Thats why i would like to have someone bulit it for me. I would use the board to drive to and from work. which is about 15km.

Have you seen the raptor 2 that is due to ship in June? It’s still got discount pricing (use promo code 100RAPTOR2 to get an extra $100 off). The range on this board should cover you to and from work, so you won’t even need to bring the charger with you. WIth the discount, it would be about $400 over your budget, but it is going to be a sweet sweet board. Lots of info on this forum about it, but it’s worth a look for what you are thinking. http://www.enertionboards.com/raptor-2-direct-drive-electric-skateboard/?setCurrencyId=2&afmc=ml https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/e35/18579694_277496239382706_8210191021254901760_n.jpg

I cant afford that. But what i have managed to get is one week vacation. Is this enough to build a board ?

Hey man :slight_smile: Am also from Germany, Stuttgart. I’ve got a bit of experience in building. I wouldn’t say “experienced”. But I think its just enough to help you if you’ve got any questions ;). We can also communicate in German. Feel free to ask me you need anything.

Awesome. I am completly new to building a board myself but the questions i am most worried about is:

  • How thick does my deck have to be?
  • Can I make my deck from any wood ? (I would love to use Rosewood or Wallnut)
  • What motor to use, to get the speed and the range that I would like?
  • What battery to use?
  • Rather a belt design or hub motor ?
  • What VESC to use?

If u got all the parts in, assembly shouldnt take a lot of time.

Though research time does… so if u have time to chat once and.then it might be enough. Contact the @TranxFu , he seems helpful

Thickness: Standard Longboard thickness 1-2 cm i think Deck: you can use anything you like Motor: mostly common is about 200 kv i think in combination with Battery: 10s3p (btw. if anyone is looking for a good battery vendor in Germany, I can recommend: https://akkudl.de. pretty solid batteries. I got a 10s3p with Sony Konion VTC5 cells plus BMS and charger for 288,- Euro. Belt or Hub Motor: I would recommend a belt design, because its cheaper :smile: Vesc: You can go with the vesc from esk8.de

VESC: VESC from esk8.de Do I need the version with the XT60 Connector and the JST or which version ?

Motor: Can you recommend a motor to use? I cant seem to find one. :sweat:

Battery from: 10s battery from Akkudl What capacoty should this battery have and how many Amp?

Deck: I would love to have all the electronics inside of the actual deck. Is this possible so that it is like 5cm thick in middle and 2cm on the outside. I imagination thinks that will would look great but i dont know if this is even possible.

Belt and pulleys: Where can I get this stuff so that it doesnt takes years to ship to germany ?

Single or Dual: Sould I go for a dual motor design or sigle motor ?

Single motor is best for your budget range. As long as you’re not trying to bomb up massive hills a single 6374 will give plenty of torque. Search SK3 192kv 6374 motor. A 10S3P battery will give you roughly 270W/hr, a good reference point is 10whr/km consumption on average. So with conservative riding you should get around 27km.

Just remember that the DIY route is not always cheaper. Most people don’t initially account for the miscellaneous tools and items you’ll need to build a DIY. If you’re really pressed for available time outside of work and you don’t have all the tools already then I’d get a trusted builder on the forum to do it for you :slight_smile: You also have to consider how much you’re going to spend on safety gear. Cheap helmets don’t always offer the same amount of protection as quality brands and safety should be the last area you skimp out on.

Below you can have a look at my spreadsheet of all the items I’ve purchased to date, or about to (in AUD). Initially I wanted to keep it under $1000 but have since doubled my desired budget :fearful:


Holy shit man. 90% of the tools I dont have. I have… a screwdriver and i think my friend has a soldering iron :sweat_smile:

A trusted builder, that what i was looking for as I initially created this thread. But no builder since has messaged me that he/shwo would be interested.

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@brokilian I think it is a weekend and everyone is enjoying their esk8! :smiley:

To be honest, we are sort of making a ‘package’ deal where you could get quite good quality board.

The only thing is… it is still some months away before getting fully assembled, so wont work in your situation…

I dunno… hang in there, maybe in a few days I will write you a message to tell what you need to get and then someone nearby you can assemble it for you in the right order. What do you say?

From which region/city in Germany are you?

Did you contact: @TranxFu ?

He seemed to be willing to help :wink: