[WANTED] Firefly Nano Remote

If anybody is willing to buy parts + print and assemble a Firefly Nano Remote and is willing to sell, please leave a comment / DM me.

I’m willing to overpay parts + pay for shipping, please let me know :slight_smile:

Maybe you have interest on the feather remote? I have one and I’m not using it anymore.

P.s I don’t know your location, but the remote is suitable only in EU, because the 433mhz frequency, USA is 915mhz

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If that’s compatible with the Unity that checks all my boxes for a great remote, however, I am located in the US (03908) so unless you can change it to be compatible, Its useless for me :stuck_out_tongue:

It is compatible with the Unity, and it will work in the US, but is not legal that frequency there. Maybe works like a charm because nobody use this frequency :slight_smile: I think is not worth the hassle, there is plenty different remotes going on now


Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

@Flashgod224 had one for sale I think

Hey, what do have in mind for your remote?

I think 80 bucks will do, it has been used and loved. Is in mint condition, no scratches or dents.

@xsynatic I basically just wanted something similar if not exactly like the boosted remote, but I want it to have telemetry cause i’m a data nerd - even if i dont know what any of it means :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say the more concerning problem are the multiple reports of disconnects with the remote in densely populated areas.

That’s probably not going to be an issue. I live in a town of roughly 2,000 people and nowhere near any “shipping container transmitters” (thats apparently what 433mhz is restricted for here in the US)