Wanted: flush/panel mount XT90 - Australia

My first build has taken quite a while and I have nearly everything that I need and I am hoping to finally get everything put together so I can enjoy my build, however, I don’t have a flush/panel mount for my XT90 (for the loop key). I’m kinda hoping that I can source this from somewhere in Australia so I’m not waiting additionally for shipping.

Thanks in advance.


IMG-20180630-WA0033 I build this. It fits my drop trough cut out. The xt90 is made as a key


I found this: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/xt60-panel-mounting-kit.html but its only XT60. Hobbyking has an aussie warehouse so stuff arrives quickly

Courtesy of our very own @mmaner

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Yeap, checked the Aus warehouse and I can’t find the XT90 version. Seems like they don’t have it listed.

Thanks @baxter. Not sure if it is my internet connection, but when I try to open those links, the images aren’t showing up.

Surely, someone in Australia must stock these things???

Got any more pics or info on how this works?

You can get aomeone to 3d print them for yoo or use 3DHubs.

That looks pretty cool have you got any more photos of it, and of it mounted?