Wanted: FOCbox or Ollin VESC

I’m looking for a FOCbox or Ollin VESC that I can use to run 12s FOC. New or Used, doesn’t matter. Shipping to California, so if seller is in US, that would be preferable.

hit up @yummyblobs or @JohnnyMeduse They’re the best.

I have, they both seem to be out of stock at the moment :frowning:

I have a blown focbox that you can have repaired if your interested. it’d be willing to part ways with it for $75. (costs $45 for johnny to repair it.)

@chaka sells ollin vescs I heard lol

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@longhairedboy Is selling them.


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Why not ? Maybe this is an option when you want a controller that runs perfect and better then the others ! By the way it’s not an Original Vesc it’s the esk8 4.12 controller ! It’s developing by them self ! Greetings


Shipping from San Francisco CA, we have FOCBOX’s in stock!

I guess I should have been more specific. I’m looking for one that costs less than ~ $150, which is what enertion charges. That’s why I said new or used. I figured why buy new when if I can get a perfectly good used one and save some $$ at the same time

I have a slightly used / little toasty focbox you can buy :joy:

Imo get an ollin or vesc6 and save your body and wallet some money in the long run.

@esk8 4.12 versions are not developed by esk8 - they are the same as every other old-school Vesc just manufactured at higher quality. They do have a new version though which was apparently designed by someone else than Vedder.

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What happened that caused your FOCbox to burn up?

Yes maybe that’s right ! But there is I forgot to tell a new version of the esk8 4.12 it is the esk8 1.1 Controller with more power and performances and the best high quality parts on the market ! It comes with a new design security case with aluminum groundplate to keep it cool ! I have it in my board and it performs as hell ! I love it ! Maybe it’s build at the basics of the vesc but it’s open source and what’s wrong to take some working stuff and build that in better quality and better performance :thinking:!?!?


By the way I am not or not from ESK8.de I am only a customer :point_up:

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Yes I do! Our V1.1 with machined heat sink actually out performs any VESC available today. Better FOC function than v4.12 also.

We are also the only company that makes them in the USA and we load test every single unit so you can be sure we don’t leave the QC to the customer :wink:


you forgot to mention the amazing owner and… WARRANTY!

For a limited time, we’ve decided to bring our prices DOWN!

$140 + shipping (usually about $2.61 in the US)!

Get them while their hot: http://www.rocket-boards.com/FOCBOX/

What’s the difference between the V1.1 and the normal ollin vesc? Is it just the machined heat sink that encases the entire vesc?

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It features direct FETs and caps on all 3 phases along with the other enhancements we made to the original 4.12 hardware.