Wanted: HTD belt EU

I really need one or two HTD 5M 265 or 260 mm length belts. I live in Holland.

I need the belts before saturday this week, but I can’t find a shop which has them in stock. maybe someone will have some or know some shops were I will be capable of finding them.

thx in advance!

Hmmm. Try faradaymotion.com

@fottaz should be able to help you out with that

I have them in stock https://street-wing.com/product/belt-htd-5m-265mm-9mm-12mm-or-15mm-widths/

14 pcs in stock ! https://www.unikboards.com/fr/boutique/courroie15/

same day shipping.

What width do you need?

I would need 15mm but for now 12 mm will do the job too

Use google they are not only used in eskates htd belts are available from at least 100sources in eu

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looks like all of our beloved EU peops having them in stock :+1:

One and a half year ago i struggled finding a belt so i had to buy from oversea - there where no vendors but esk8.de and even these guys where sold out at that time :smiley:

BTW when did you open a shop @DavidBanner? Saw something in a post before, but had no clue that you´re selling some other stuff too.

@TarzanHBK I’ve been working away for the last few months on Street Wing :slight_smile: Finally getting to a place where there is decent selection of products which means folks can order more or less everything for a complete build in one place.

Battery packs are available on request now and will be added to the site soon, enclosures are also coming real soon.

i suggest opening a new thread where you tell people that there is a shop and a few things you sell, so peops here find you! Good luck with your buisness i keep an eye on your site :wink:

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thanks @TarzanHBK I really appreciate the support.

I started a thread a while ago here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/street-wing-uk-eu-store-worldwide-shipping-lots-of-cool-new-items-in-stock/36476/20

but it looks like I could have perhaps made the thread title better or done something else better as you didn’t see it.

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Alright nice! Maybe i didn´t check it back then, but cool! Hope things will still be easy when you guys leave the EU :guardsman:

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I also had a good experience with these guys: https://www.dold-mechatronik.de/Zahnriemen-geschlossen-HTD-5M-Breite-15mm-Laenge-265mm-53-Zaehne

15mm 265mm HTD5 for 5,31€ - and they also have aluminium pulleys and various other belt lengths