Wanted HV ESC! not VESC

After 3 burned DRVs (without any obvious reason) I have runned out of patienc with VESCs…

So is there anyone willing to sell HV ESC (10s) to me? Maytech, FVT or APS ESC?

I would prefer European seller, but it does not really matter…

Sleeping lion 120A 5-12S http://www.szfvt.com/en/proshow-105-3-54-54-100-16-3.html

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Yeah this one is really nice, I have sent them an email…do you have any link where I could buy it directly from some shop?

Which VESC did you have?

Maytech and Vanda

Please tell me if you tried to use the FOC function on these. Users here reports the Maytech VESC is not the best VESC and more likely to fail. It also lacks the bootloader.

I have 4 Vescs that I bought from Ollinboards and have been running them for over a year with no DRV or any other errors at all.

I also used HV OPTO Esc’s before switching to Vescs and I can tell you first hand that the Vescs when built right are more efficient and more robust.

Roxxy 9120-12S OPTO

Jup Roxxy are brutal But after a Vesc it will be very hard for you to get on I shortly tested them on a streetdeck and on 12S it was just not rideable… IMO you need bindings for such raw power … I got 2 complete Roxxy Dual Setups with Keto BEC and YGE 9Caps bank on each Esc… used them for over a year now in different eMTB setups 2 gone to heaven, after upgrading with capbank and putting them in a box for mechanical protection they hold up very good

Will sell one of the Dualkits soon i guess…


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The problem is, that only reliable and affordable VESC for me is axle VESC…I tried to buy one but it was lost somewhere between America and Europe…I didnt try FOC, normal BLDC…3 fails without any obvious reason…the MayTech was ok for 2 months then it burned out after some upgrade on phase wires, that was probably my mistake, but since then I reworked my cables and connectors and everything was well sealed…still the VESC always fails…

I think i will buy an ESC and w8 till VESC6 will be cheaper…

maybe there’s problems on you other parts…, I have 2 boards, one use maytech VESC,one use FVT 120A ESC, both have been using go and back to work evey days for 2 years, still working good.

10S or 12S ESC will expensive than a maytech 4.12 VESC

Anyone knows what could cause the troubles? I cahnged my connectors and insulation and it didnt help…maybe too long phase wires…my phase wires are about 15cms long and my battery wires ar about 60 cms long…

There are minimal things that can blow your chip. Maybe you had a bugged firmware and it stepped your current ramp up by 10x, it happens if you’re not extremely careful. Did you set max erpm? Maybe your settings had something wrong, or maybe your phase wires touched and shorted for a second

They did not touch…2 layers of insulation…I have already disscussed that…the bugged firmware might have caused that, but not in the third case, that was probably due to bad soldering job of DRV, but I am not sure about that…

Anyway I am not gonna buy VESC till it is gonna be reliable and affordable…maybe some used FOC BOX later, now I am switching to APS ESC, if it is gonna fail again, I will quit…just quit…

If money is not a problem, you should try to get a vesc 6 maybe

Thats exactly the problem…I am student funding his hobby just from a sommer job…

Yeah, that price tag sucks. You may try to sell your broken vescs here on the forum, some people buy and repair them. That may help you find a vesc 6 :confused:

I have a dual APS 150a esc that I could sell you

From what I’ve read long phase wires aren’t really a problem but long wires from the battery to the ESC can cause some issues apparently:


I probably have close to 60cm of length between my batteries and VESC though so no guarantee this is the problem (could easily be the one I got from DIY has different capacitors in parallel with the input power).

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So if i understand it correctly…if I had batteries and ESC on the same side of my split enclosure built and 3 phase wires going through the deck to the motor it would be safer than having split enclosures and motor with ESC on one side?