WAnted items cheapest avaible please 6374 motors motor mounts for cal 2 trucks and cal 2 truck

so quick run through im doing chain drive build i need super cheap 180-200 kv 6374 or larger motors motor mounts and cal 2 trucks

@dickyho has both budget motors and mounts

Also unless you’re mounting diagonal, dual 6374 won’t fit cal 2 trucks.


do they actually work im not intrested in those crappy ebay ones

i mounting one in front one in back

  • Cheap
  • Reliable

Pick one

You said you wanted super cheap. That’s the cheapest i would recommend only because he’s a member of the site and the guy really trys to take care of his customers from what I’ve seen.


i was looking at buying tourque boards kit but its like 1200 plus deck

Yep. Esk8 isn’t cheap. You can spend 2 grand on a board easy, and still have something break randomly and have to do $200 worth of maintenance.

Isn’t not a cheap hobby

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ya im planning to use a chain drive and all terrain tires

Go buy some Cal II trucks on eBay and buy the mounts and motors from https://ebay.com/usr/eboard-shop

It’ll run fine for a while…for the budget crap you’re trying to pull it’s the best you’ll get

nah im running dual chain drive all terrain board on 12s4p i dont really wanna wipeout

Mate, all terrain nummies will not fit on caliber without wheel bite, unless you’re talking about mbs all terrain.

You and @Halbj613 should just bounce off each other and stop creating threads you can answer with the slightest bit of research.

@onloop - It’s time for a fucking community mute feature on the site mate.


Yeah i wouldn’t do that on caliber 2 trucks

it mbs 100 mm wheels

Ohhh. Thought you were going pneumatic.

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oh definitely, told him my mounts bent and he sent me new ones for free. awesome bloke @dickyho


@Boardnamics mounts are what you want.

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Look yo. I made it to reply 9 and I stopped

You’re asking for a setup that requires basically the most expensive shit the hobby has to offer.

You either ain’t gun get it, or yer gonna fork out da cash

Check my latest picture, that’s wut u can git cheep