WANTED: Kegel Pulley 12mm

I may be asking for much, but I’m looking for a 12mm Kegel pulley WITHOUT the washer, so that I still can see the green hub of the Kegel from the outside. I also want a pulley that does not need modification on the truck, since my OCD freaks out when I need to do that… (I’ve done that on two of my builds and it bugs me.) Also, it should be of aluminium and not a 3d printed one. Anyone knows where I can get that? Preferably 36 teeth. :smile:

Located in EU.

Thanks, fraannk

check out @JLabs kegel pulleys. I bought a set for christmas, they are solid and well made.

It uses a 3d printed retainer, you could do away with that and epoxy the pulley into the wheel. Alternatively you could tap and thread the individual spokes and then use washers to hold the screws in place. It would be a tough job though as the spokes are pretty small.


Maybe look at esk8.de He offers aluminum Kegel pulleys in 9mm and 15mm. If you write him he may be able to make you some 12mm ones. @esk8

Pulleys from esk8.de require filing down the truck hanger in order for them to fit. The OP has stated he doesn’t want to do any mods whatsoever to his trucks.

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@Lukas I already use a esk8.de pulley, and I like the look but it requires modification of the truck. But that might be my final solution, and I’ll just have to live with that.

Thanks @mmaner I’ll take a look! :slight_smile:

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Im using @jlabs on TB 218 trucks, no modification was needed. It might be different with other trucks, I couldn’t say.

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Thanks for the shout @mmaner

The pulleys require no modifications to any trucks (generally used in eSk8). I can’t also 3d print a green retaining ring for you, and not use the standard black one.


I would be up for green retainer for the pulleys cause I’m still looking for pulleys.

Might want to change P(a)poca to P(o)poca for the item name and description :slight_smile:

Lime green paint?

Does anyone have experience using DIYElectricSkateboard/Torqueboard’s 12mm kegel pulley?

If you have a peak at the product reviews for my kegel Pulley, you can see that one of my customers has a not so positive experience with them. (Not bashing the product, just pointing you to a ‘review’).

When will you be getting more kegs pulleys back in stock.

I will have more mid February if all goes as planned. I still have one left I think. I’ll check in 5 mins

I need 2 and since there is the tax and shipping I wouldn’t want to have to pay it twice

I can say the DIYElectric pulleys work well with Kegels not with Popocas without mod. The Popocas have a deeper core and the 12mm belt rubs the wheel

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@JLabs Are the 12mm Kegel pulleys still available? I can only see these 15mm ones in your eshop.

I only have 15mm, but you can run 12mm belts on them if you want

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately I’m afraid I don’t have space for the extra 3mm on my hanger. It would be a squeeze at best. I would rather get a 12mm pulley.

You can fit dual 15mm pulleys and 6354 motors if your using standard caliber 2 trucks