Wanted maytech sensor wire adapter uk

As the tittle says im looking for 2× adapters to convert the connection from 2× maytech 6365 sensored motors,like this from psychotiller.com but in the uk.

You can pay a dollar more if you buy them from me. Its worth the extra dollar to say you got it from me. You can really feel the love of esk8 when you hold mine.


Haha… @longhairedboy if you chuck in the thing that goes on either end of that wire for free! Then I would feel special! I ended up just buying some JST-PH 6pin 2.0mm pitch,with wires to solder to the sensor wires but if anyone in the uk has the adapters for sale would make life a bit easier!

I need one too so let me know if you find one please.

Also, if its worth grabbing them from the US (now we have three so perhaps shipping is more worthwhile?) I’m all for it and you can count me in too

i doubt @psychotiller’s stickers are as cool as mine anyway, and i always include two of them. And love. I always include love.


I got 2 i dont need

Do your stickers make you hallucinate if you lick the backs of them? Yeah…That’s what I thought.


Are you in the uk?I’ll take them if you are.

yes. They also double as rolling papers. And you can vape them.

And your face.


Nah sweden

I’ll still have them then I’ll pm you.

I think you just need someone to hold yours. :joy:

and me. I need someone to hold me.


Lol @longhairedboy whats you opinion on these motors? You obviously like them as you stock up,iv only ever run r spec but now have 2 of these 6365 and iv pulled both apart but the magnets on these are very strong,almost got my finger when it snapped back on the can!

i like maytech motors. R-SPECS are maytech motors, and i wanted r-specs with sensors, so i called them and said give me a 6355 with sensors and they said ok.

They’re totally bitchin in my opinion. strong as shit for the package size.

Now you mention it I do remember reading that a while back! The increased magnet strengh is due to the slightly bigger stator size then,it’s a big difference,it will be interesting to see how much more power I get,I didn’t wana go over kill with 2 6374 as I only run a 10s3p at the minute and got good milage out of dual 6355. What about sensored in bldc,much difference or not really?

i run hybrid sensored. Startup is much smoother and you still get the top end benefit of BLDC when it ditches the sensor info after a certain RPM and just throws that bldc wave at it.

I bought these off @Jammeslu but if anyone has any more @Youssless needs one. They sell them with maytech vesc’s and motors so I’m sure someone has some laying around for ya.

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Sounds like a winner then can’t wait to test them out! I actually found them on ebay for $160 for the pair!

Filters come with also?