Wanted maytech sensor wire adapter uk

filters? for what?

rolling paper, or you smoke like a real man without one

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I did just that. I got some adapters but didn’t like the wide of the connectors stick out of my enclosure so I cut and soldered 12 tiny long wires to it instead

filters are for pansies. If i need a crutch i make it out of copy paper. Or the scalps of my enemies.

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@Youssless i think i have one if you are still needing one. You UK?

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Yes please! Just to confirm it adapts the 1mm pitch plug to the 2mm one on the VESC yes? If so drop me a pm and I’ll send you monies

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Need a hall sensor adapter as above and in the UK - can anyone help a bro out? :kissing_closed_eyes:

@DavidBanner might be able to help you out?

I can send you the parts if you can solder them together.

I am getting the right connectors for FOCBOXes installed on my motors at the factory these days as making those connectors was easily my least favourite job for Street Wing,

Thanks David - looking for plug and play so sourced a connector from my buddy Alberto are eskating.eu

Take it easy