WANTED: Meepo/Wowgo Enclosures

Looking for a Meepo/Wowgo enclosure for a temporary board I’m building for a friend. I’d normally have them sent directly from China, but I’m on a time crunch for said friend.

Today my ownboard kit arrived. They have the same enclosures I guess? I’m not going to use them so if you want them let me know :wink: I’m from Belgium I only need to remove the esc, switch and voltage display. IMG_20180703_003850IMG_20180703_003912 Oh damn sorry I just saw you live in California, that’s going to be way to expensive to ship :smile:

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Unfortunately so. I’m banking on somebody living in the USA to priority mail their spare enclosures to me. Thanks for letting me know regardless!

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controller case with battery indicator and aluminum heatsink 13us. battery case with charging port 10us weighted 0.7kg, ship to USA by DHL (4-7 days) 20 us

Are the cases metal? Have a picture?

not metal, plastic kind. https://www.ebay.com/itm/302546267128

Ahh darn. I’m shooting for metal enclosures for that extra durability.

The metal ones are honestly not that much more durable, they are made super week i had one collaps on me after hitting a bump with it

Not my pic but for reference, this is how they break.


The Plastic is still very brittle versus the metal enclosures. That board in particular was run over by a car.

I had my Meepo V1 enclosures for over a year i cut in them i hit them with a hammer, they still work i hit a curb once with my Ownboard W1 and it collaped like the ones on the picture above.

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I have a set of meepo enclosure. I am in cal.

Hi. Wilson. I am sorry to tell you that the remote you ordered have been fail to pass airport check last week, I already resent it righ away.

I have an esc case (maybe battery one too, but i think i tossed it), $5 and its your but you gotta pick it up, im in east county.

If you have the battery case, that’ll be really awesome! Have a pic?

Anyone still have any? Looking for both battery and esc metal enclosures

I have ordered an ownboard kit, I don’t need the enclosures so I guess I’m going to sell them.

I’m in California, :frowning: