Wanted: Motor Mount, Pulleys, Belt

Hi, I looking for the following new parts, I am based in the UK so Europe based sellers are preferred:

  • Motor Mount for 6374 Motor / Caliber II trucks
  • 15/36 pulleys and belt (83 mm wheels)
  • Mounting hardware for above items
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Hi David - I will have a new batch of mounts in about 9 days, let me know if you are interested and I will put your name on one of them. They fit caliber 2 trucks and fit the majority of 63xx motors an come wilth all hardware to mount the motors to the mount and mount for the trucks. Shipping to the UK for one mount is 13.50 USD with no tracking and 35.00USD with tracking.

Hey Korry,

Thanks for the message.

I’d love buy one of your mounts please.

It’s for a SK3 - 6374, and I would like the non tracked shipping option.

Please let me know how to send payment.

Yes it will fit an SK3 63xx motor. I will add you to the list and let you know when they are ready so you can send payment. I will post updates on the above link.

thanks agian


You could also just buy one from alien or protoboards.

Pretty much everything is sold out at protoboards at the moment. I hope they restock soon as there a quite a few bits I would like to order from them

Well they say they want to restock soon so you will have it probably the same time as the mount from the US when it is ready and shipped

exactly :slight_smile: So hopefully my motor mount will be arriving at about the same time that I can order from protoboards…

But my protoboards mount was like 40€ shipped which is far less than the US one will cost you :wink:

There is also this:

@johnny_261 has a great pulley kit with belts too for flywheels. Shipping is also fast from Canada.

Hey @DavidBanner !

Just saw this on UK Ebay. Hmm not exact ratio as yours after but difference is very minor ( I think) :slight_smile:


They also do just pulleys as their mount won’t fit your SK 63xx . I’m also looking for a decent mount of the same size :frowning:


Let me know if this works or if you have aleady found solution - I’m stil looking ( @ProtoBoards - we are desperate for new stock :stuck_out_tongue: !! ).

thanks for the link :slight_smile: shame its not the right ratio…

Well you can use the calculator ( saw link somewhere here) to calculate desired ratio for speed you’re after. Honestly you can play around with ratios :wink: any luck with the mount ? I have looked into waterjetting my own but for the price I think I’ll wait until protoboards have stock. It is still killing me to pay £39 for piece of metal :frowning:

yeah they ain’t cheap are they, but without it no e-board so it’s money well spent…

I got my mount sorted, just waiting for it to arrive.

I have a feeling mr protoboards is going to have a very busy july

Have you bought your mount somewhere locally? I’m struggling to get one myself.