[WANTED] Nickel-plated pure copper strips - EU

Title kinda says it all!

I’ve been looking for a source of nickel plated copper strips for months now. Met a nice guy on E-S based in Holland or Denmark (forgot) who offered me free samples, but I never got delivered despite many contacts (problems with post office and few random stuff).

Patience is over I can’t wait anymore, seems he cannot deliver.

Do you guys know of a trustworthy source to buy nickel-plated pure copper strips (odd phrase : pure copper with a thin layer of nickel plating on top) ?

Pure nickel won’t cut to the job, and pure copper (I already got that at home) is great but harder to work with.

Cheers :beers:

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Personally I use superbuy service it’s an agent service based in china, I buy constantly thing on taobao, nickel strip, AWG wires, bms, switches etc… Every 2 weeks they take everything they recieve for me and send it in one package. I make so much savings with this technique, taobao is so cheap.

For the nickel strip I always bought from tobao some 10 x 0,2 nickel strip. It’s great and was good enough for all the packs I’ve built to date.

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I know there was instructable on how to coat copper with nickel at home.

The video concentrated on plating coins but should work for bars also, i think.

Maybe @rojitor has some ideas where to look or how to make it

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Do you think you could look for a sample of nickel plated copper for me? Thanks for the tip.

Yea I think I’ve seen it before but I don’t have a safe installation to use the chemicals and prevent toxic vapors during the plating.

It’s not simple haha

I’ll check for it ! Why this specific kind ? 100% nickel is not enough for your application ?

This is my method. Just an open window is safe enough. I don’t know who sells plated copper in small ammounts. All the mails i sent got the same answer: how many tons do you need? If you guys know where to buy It let me know


These are good for solder but can’t be spot welded(they explode) https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cZnC38h7

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Thanks for the video, I may actually give it a try on my balcony ! Can the first foam bath be achieved with higher voltage / higher amp charger ? Or do you specifically recommend low voltage and low amp ?

I use low P counts with +30a cells so really need low resistance strips & I currently use strips of approx 5x0.2mm size. Got airflow between each cell so goal is to keep everything as cool as possible.


Yes you can rise voltage.

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I’ll shoot my take on this, thanks again for the advices.

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Maybe report back if u can…been partly interested in this process as well

I will ! 10char

There’s also a non electrical plating method. I think maybe tin. But why even bother and I bet a vontact wouldn’t oxidize even if it weren’t being rubbed by a cell. I’ve got rolls of copper strip years old looks as good as new and I live by the beach

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Tinned strips can’t be spot welded. They explode. There’s another method yes. Carbon. Consists on torching the strips, the air burns but carbon sticks on the copper.I tested It but failed. It requires thick strips. I explained It all at the sphere.



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If you got extra rolls I can take some from you haha

Tell me more about your agent