Wanted: Off Road Board

Speed is not a big concern. I need traction, ground clearance, and maybe 15 miles of range or more. Just moved to a golf course and don’t want to convert my current board to ride the course. Need something along the lines of a mountain board. Let me know what you have and how much

I am located in Fort Myers, FL

Specify your location

On a golf course, you can totally roll on 107mm fly wheels if you have 6374 torque.

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Summertime in Florida = torrential downpours with very little notice. I need as much clearance and traction as I can get. Better to error on the safe side

Torque isnt the main problem, getting traction is :wink:

Traction will be a problem on grass

Build yourself a Trampa Urban Carver, good for all kinds of terrain :wink:

Better a full scale MTB… Twin drive.

Just read this. Then yah, you need a eATB, a full mountainboard with batteries on top :slight_smile:

For a Golf course you might need broader/fatter wheels. When I see electric vehicles on a course I always see fat wheels on them and I could imagine that the regular trampas cut into the grass too easily, especially when its wet.

This was on 107mm urethane. Terrible clip quality, and admittedly, I fall at the end. I was genuinely surprised at how well they worked on grass.

But yes, a trampa build is probably what you are looking for.

Still need a board

Building your own arent an option?

If you’re looking to buy one or pay someone to build one for you then you should be including a price point.

It also wouldn’t help to get familiar with the basic components so you’ll either be able to decide on a preference or atleast understand the specs when others talk about components. :+1:

Still need a board

If you cant build or or are unwilling to build it then buy it from someone else or somewhere else. There are many Options like Kaly NYC and Lacroix boards

So you’re saying I should disregard the classified section? The same section where people sell their boards to either fund new builds or pay off debts incurred while building their boards. Seems like bad advice to me

Like already mentioned:

What do you aim for? Budget? Performance? Highend?

Tell us more Details! MORE Details than offroad! Especially be precise. What do you mean by classified section? …

Why would I tell anyone how much I can afford? Any smart person would price their board accordingly if it was worth less.

Classifieds would be used parts or new parts for sale

If you say you have 100 bucks a Person wont offer you a board for 1000 bucks and vice versa.

It is smart to not tell how much you can afford but you should at least tell a Price tag which you are going to aim…