Wanted prebuilt battery pack

Looking to buy a prebuilt long range battery pack with bms and everything wired and ready to plug in. Preferably new but will take used in good condition.

??s?p What’s long rang to you? What’s your budget? Size restrictions?


Range I would like is between 20/30 miles and price range I’m open to anything. Not sure on restrictions it’s an old stock Blizart board.

So you already have an enclosure it needs to fit?

Looks like they made a few different boards.

Probably gonna need a different enclosure. Looks like they didn’t have much of a battery to begin with.

Knowing the available space is important.

Pictures and measurements would help a lot.


Yes I would need an enclosure but I don’t mind building that or finding one.

@hyperIon1 @thisguyhere @psychotiller Are all great battery builders. Can make something to fit your needs. Psychotiller even makes enclosures and usually gives a discount on them with a battery purchase.

But they would need to know what kind of space they have to work with.


Get rid of that board and buy the Witchblade GT from @longhairedboy


OP is in EU, shipping is a hassle

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Did they move Wisconsin? Screenshot_20190321-180610_Samsung%20Internet

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First of all… Ur right, second… Not sure i like the tone.


I think i read another post abt a battery my bad


Lolz i mean I’d be okay if the EU took Wisconsin.
I sure wouldn’t notice.


Shots fired

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just finished the biggest battery I can fit in the Nomad Evolved build a 12s6p, Yes that is correct Samsung 30q with 3D printed riser only ( no board alterations ) Does require a controller upgrade to handle the power as detailed in the Nomad Evolved build



I just posted 2 if you don’t want cray range…

Buy both and ill hook it up cheaper :slight_smile:

@ElectricPacks @pjotr47

best batt builder in the EU :slight_smile:

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How much for the package deal and what’s the range on the pack?

I dont believe you when you say it is the biggest you can fit. Technically as long as the enclosure is big enough and the wheels are big enough you can put any size on a board. I want to see a 12s9p on a board. :joy: Can you imagine seeing something like this but on a board image

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Are you asking me that question I think…?

Range is so hard as everyone will tell you on here cause there’s so many variables. I think real world range if I recall correctly I was getting around 13-15 on the 10s3 and a little more on the 12s3. But i used them with both urethane and pneumatic which changes a lot too so just hard to say. They’re decent though.

If you buy bith if them I’d do a package deal for $400


How much on just one of them I’d like both honesty but only need one for the moment. But love to make a second board.

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