Wanted shredlights

Need some front and back shredlights for my board, preferably with the mounts. Not looking to spend much money, but PM me what you have

If you don’t have money for the original than just get other lights. There multiple other, cheaper versions available.

Want some quality parts, don’t want any chinease ripoffs

I don’t speak about rip offs… I said other lights.


Lights are lights :joy:

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I bought some of amazon, and I ran in to a bush, and they snapped off the trucks. Bought the koowheels lights, they weren’t bright at all

Your best bet for cheaper shredlights are on Black Friday. Good luck.

Shredlights aren’t that great. Definitely not worth the price tag. I still use them but wouldn’t buy again


I know there are a lot of people saying there is nothing better than shredlights, but there also people like I which didn’t have had so much luck with them. One light the switch broke after 5x charging One two others the ring in the gummy cover broke after I took them off the second time. The brightness of the lights are honestly also just average. They good that people see you, but not good enough that you really see enough if you fast on the way. Just my opinion, others may see that different.

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I’m just looking to buy them, because apparently it’s illegal in Cali to not have lights and reflectors. I was riding the other day in downtown SD, and a cop waved me down. He told me these rules, and I’m not trying to get a ticket.

It’s not a stupid rule. Lights and reflectors save lives :relieved:

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i got these and just ghetto mounted them, easy. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078TB9TMK/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B078TB9TMK&pd_rd_w=WbFuf&pf_rd_p=21517efd-b385-405b-a405-9a37af61b5b4&pd_rd_wg=I27wk&pf_rd_r=Y712T547GANF31HAASJ5&pd_rd_r=9cd0c50c-2511-11e9-bd58-413f05c8b3cb


I think I have two red ones (tail lights) and some mounts for them. The white ones I am using. PM if that tickles your fancy

If you want some reflectors instead of lights.

These are a good hidden option, Just bought some myself. @b264


image I bought a pair of these for £2 each or for the pair ( I can’t remeber ) they are not very Bright but just about acceptable , but I tried my mates shred lights and they were very very good

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