Wanted: Spotwelder (EU)

Hello, I am looking to buy a spotwelder for building some packs. Please offer me what you got, will also take your rest of nickel and maybe cells;)

Thank you for contacting me! Cheers

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Man those things rarely ever come up. i keep thinking about 5 of us EU guys getting togeter and buying the kweld and just shipping it to each other as and when we need it.

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There was a guy on the UK facebook site selling a Sunko for £50. If I can find the link I will.


I saw it too but it’s already sold :wink:

I have one extra laying at home. If I buy coper welding pens. I can lend for a small price A spotwelder our. So that somebody can build is own pack. But I think shipping to somebody and shipping back is also expensive.


Ah, shame. If it works someone got a deal…

unfortunately already sold…

He is a Transformer and control board which you can use to make a spot welder, don’t know how good it will be though https://www.amazon.com.au/Ryshia-Transformer-Welder-Welding-Machine/dp/B07KNX84P4/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546940985&sr=8-5&keywords=spot+welder


Thats also on the aussie amazon so not sure if that will work.

Yea I’ve always thought about making my own packs. Once you buy the spot welder you kind of have to build multiple packs to get value, and they’re hard to find. Let me know what you come up with

How much are you willing to pay for one?

About 100€ I think but should be solid enough for some good quality builds

@Stanislaw is selling a Spotwelder, 12x Liitokala 500 right now!! He is in Poland. Check it out (and hurry up @Pingo03 , the man is selling everything!)… :point_down:

@Stanislaw d4169578e67a36092ad205e8e975e0c7d38eaf52_1_375x500


Im about to order one boss level welder so if you wish we can split the shipping I can throw in some nickel and shrink as well to you

Do you have one boss level? Mine died and I need a new one

Thanks just texted him but I don’t think he is gonna split:/

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the Kweld just got back in stock