WANTED: Steel 15T Motor pulley with Flatspot / Metal pulley key

Hi guys, I’m using one of the big group buys pulley and motor kit. There’s a spot for a key to lock the pulley in place, but I don’t have a key. I’ve tried several 3d printed ones, they didn’t last. Now, since I can’t find a metal key in Italy or Europe, I’m looking for another pulley with a flatspot, so that it can lock to the motor shaft (with 2 flatspots) without having to put keys or loctite (I have to remove it pretty often and red loctite costs 35euro here) If you have one, please contact me :smiley:

Eskating is soon selling steel pulleys if you still want to go for a key.

Eskating.eu? I know the guy, he doesn’t use keys unfortunately :confused: he printed the keys I’m using now, but the first one broke after less than 50 km even in nylon-carbon filament

Yes, he is going to be selling steel keys very soon. Check the website, I think thet sre up for preorder!

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You can get a key here:

or a pulley with keyway (including grub screw but without key)

I have different motors and from my experience if the shaft, the key and keyway is not 100% one unity (if the pulley has play on the shaft) it won’t work well even with thread locker but it’s still the best solution.

On my actual MTB build the pulley has play on the shaft (the keyway is a bit bigger than the key). Even with thread locker it’s getting loose after 20-40 km. The problem is that after several times of reassembling the grub screws are stripped and can’t get them out. So I recommend to use new grub screws like after 3 times of reassembling.

But I found a better solution (in my case with new pulleys but the same). Additional to thread locker on grub screw I put some special thread locker for shafts on the shaft and key, since about 150 km it holds very well. It’s no permanent solution and needs no heat to reassemble. I love it (so far)! It is ridicolously cheap at hobbyking, The bottles are big and about 1€ each :joy: See picture below, the left one is for shafts, the right one for grubscrews. Hope, that helps…


It would be so much easier to just get pulleys with Flatspot and use simple mechanics to keep it in place :confused: I’ll check those keys, thanks :smiley:

Red = permanent, blue = temporary shame I missed them in my last HB order, good value :sunglasses:

There is always something which I missed at HK orders :joy: But the red one (TL-609) is NOT pemanent, it’s high strenght for shafts. Because I want to change pulleys without heat gun :wink:

Cool yeah I see they have about seven flavours great pricing compared to locktite

@SirDiff I’m sorry for your keys man, it’s right as @rich said! I would also suggest a M4 set screw on teeth (as my motor pulleys here) + thread locker. I’m currently using this kind of pulleys on 3 builds (so without keyway and circlips), hundreds km and they still keep in place with just a bit of thread locker (even with huge torque dual 170kv 6374 and 12s battery, 15/72 ratio, 8" wheels).

If not convinced, get double M4 set screws both perpendicular to the keyway on shaft.

They hold with threadlocker on grub screw only (when the grub screw goes into the key on motor shaft)? If you say yes, I’ll have to order some :wink:

BTW very nice shop @fottaz :grin:

Yes @rich :smile: ! Thanks to the following set screw that has a flat head + TL At the moment I just have 9mm and 15mm in stock! I have to restore some 12mm that got askew screws by manufacturer, I just have to redrill the M4 thread, I will offer special price for that stock!

Thank you very much about the website, I’m still improving it with new stuff and functionality!


Bought it! :grin: I like steel pulleys, the threaded hole is much stronger than aluminium.

Thanks man! Yes of course steel pulleys have stronger thread! I’ll ship tomorrow :slight_smile:

Faradaymotion.com have metal keys. But you could go to a random moped/motorcycle service shop and ask for one. Or where they sell and repair boat motors.

I live in a rather small city with not that many hobbyists, I don’t think there are many places like this

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