WANTED TB 218mm Caliber style trucks EU

Hey guys,

I’m looking for TB 218 trucks used or new. If someone has some to sell I would appreciate an offer :slight_smile:

I’m located in Germany.


@3DServisas has some trucks that are similar.

Aren’t just extended caliber (e-caliber on unikboards ?) TB trucks are larger no ? [Edit] I just caught up with what’s 3d servisas is selling, they’re 230/240 mm width (so wider than TB’s) But damn, 100€ (121€ with vat) for one hanger only, that’s another price range A single hanger is the price of a set of TB trucks with shipping and taxes

There’s a TB218 EU groupbuy going on. Not sure what’s happening over there. You should search for the topic.

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Yeah, the GB is closed, and I think nobody will leave the queue sadly … Damn to the guy who snatched 2 sets of TB trucks right before me from the same guy, for so cheap !

Depending on what you need them for, you can get 6374 mountable trucks from dickyho for cheap

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Yeah I spotted those, but I’m not trusting that much those Chinese trucks…

The chinese trucks with known problems are the gravity cast ones which I would never reccomend. Torqueboards trucks are probably made in china - its about quality control dude

Yeah I know, but these have never been tested before, so we don’t know anything about them…

I’m after a set of these in the UK too - maybe we should start another group buy!

Its closed, there may be a next round when 15 people come

@dickyho weigh in here on your trucks. What testing have you done? Has anyone else on the forum had a set to test?

@dickyho sells long Paris style not caliber style

(btw I can’t ever remember seeing a broken china Paris clone)

Yea its only those shitty diyeboard cast trucks that break. I think he wants caliber because he wants good mounting options but dickyhos mounts are good

I have both caliber and paris ones I prefer the paris version - its less fiddly to fit

I ran this build without loctite for ~100miles without trouble

Oh that build was yours - yea I was thinking i remember seeing a super weird looking board with the trucks and was going to cite as an example.

1 pair of dickyho trucks + mounts is like the same cost as just 1 pair of TB trucks in the EU so its just a no brainer imo

The fat boy trucks are CNC hangers (like surfrodz) where the TB218 are cast caliber clones so that would explain the price difference.

You said you don’t want Chinese trucks…where do you think the caliber cast trucks are made?? They are not the same quality but caliber does have there trucks made in China.

TB trucks have a longer hanger meaning you can fit larger motors in a dual set up. The e-cals have the same size hanger but extended axels