Wanted - Used Custom Electric Skateboard $500

Hey again guys. My “rental” post idea was a FAIL, take 2…

Looking for a used electric skateboard in good working condition for commuting tests and time comparisons in Denver. My budget is $500. I don’t care about the aesthetics or scratches, or used batteries (so long as I can get 7 miles). Your board will be live streamed on periscope and I will talk about the forum and the builder as I ride it around Colorado. I’m 125lbs 5’8" so single drive should be fine.

Thanks in advance!

I dont have a board available… but are you ready to do some minor repairs and/or major redesigns? Make sure youre buying from a reputable builder.

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I’m trying to get some funds for a new build I’m willing to part with it maybe $600 thts what I need for parts on new build and I spent about $1000 on it space cell 3 ehhh… enertion vESC also has warranty enertion drive train with evole wheel pully for Kegels abor vugenhausen and calibers nyko Kama.

Pm me if interested/ more pics


@Just_esk8in - I’m even interested and tempted by your board. Would be a good deal for @BoredCommuter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol thanks

That’s looks like its worth a LOT more than $600, definitely a steal at that price.


Ehhh probably is no one around me had $800 which is what I was asking for before I really want to get my next board going so here we are.

thanks just_esk8in, PM’ing you now !!!

Interested in your vesc and mount possibly the pulley’s too if parting out. Thanks