[Wanted]: Used/Damaged/Broken 6374 Motors

I’m looking for 6374 motors to use for an hub assembly test. The stator and magnets are what I’m mostly interested in so it doesn’t really matter if the motor is damaged or broken (as long as it hasn’t melted into ball of metal).

I’ve got a broken 6355 but no 6374.

Also have a broken 6355. Shorted out.

I have 3 bad 6374s 190kv. I’m in Lima Perú though, that could make things complicated

I need the longer stator of the 6374, but thank you for the offers!

@Eboosted I figure the shipping cost to Germany is probably very high?

Maybe 30-40 dollars

I’ve got new stators and magnets. Make it easier. 4752 stators so 47 diameter and 52 long. .2mm lamination electrical steel and with 19mm hole in center.

I have a damaged 6374 190 kv motor. Damaged in shipping never used. 1 magnet is broken and there’s a dent in the can where that is. Stator is in good shape. Minor scratching from manual turning before i realised there was a broken magnet.

Thanks for all the offerings. I wrote you a PM.

I got a couple of stators from Hummie, so I think I’m set with motor for a while :smiley:

I have a couple of hub motors that were on a Chinese board. They should still work. You can have them if you buy a shipping label I can print

I’ve got a dead 6374 motor if you need one still?

@Dougieman1001 @Jayallday Where are you located?

Newburgh Indiana

Uk, Sorta close to germany

@Jayallday The shipping from the US is quite expensive, therefore I’m not sure if its worth it.

@Dougieman1001 how much do you want for it?

I understand that my man. I didn’t catch the fact that you weren’t here in the states

Hm, I have no idea, what would you pay for it?

wrote you a PM

Got a working 6374 170kv motor that has a 10mm shaft