WANTED: VESC 4.12 cap boards

Does anyone have any extra cap boards they can part with for v4.12 vescs?

Need 4 to upgrade my quad chaka vescs. Ordered 12 from OSHPark a month ago and they said they will be getting them and shipping around January 15th, which is just too long for me wait.

PM me your price if you can help a brotha out :wink:

Uh…have you taken a look at this guy yet?


There’s also phoenix vesc, based in the UK…but I don’t know if they ship to the USA.

No I haven’t, but $15 for a cap board is pretty steep, considering they are $3 from OSHPark…

Also need a 3 cap board, not a 2 cap board. Guess I should of specified. Thank you though!

I have two from two vesc that will never see the light of day again with caps and wires… I’ll remove the 2nd one from the vesc.

Leme know what you wanna pay + shipping. If you want them.

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What’s wrong with the vesc ?

Traces burned from bad fets. Not repairable. Cap boards are fine.

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Order from allpcb, you’ll get it within a week I have 2 from oshpark I can spare


I’ve got x2 that I took off of TB VESC’s if you want them. PM me an address and I’ll get them shipped out.

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@mmaner Was more so looking for un used cap boards, since I have some special caps I’m planning on using. Thank you for the offer though.

@Deckoz Thank you for the offer, but again, looking for unused :wink:

@scepterr Those two would be handy. Thank you for the offer. I’ll PM you if I can find 2 more unused boards :slight_smile:

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Hey Evo I actually just bought some PCB’s from JLC PCB and I got them delivered in 7 days for $2. They have a deal going on right now, I think it still is, where shipping is free. And under 10PCB’s is only $2 so yeah. PCB’s look quite nice as well, generic green solder mask but whatever.

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In a pinch can’t you just direct solder the caps to the wire?

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or jury-rig it with some blank copper PCB from amazon. I used to do that for my Power Distribution Boards on my quadcopters

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Yes you can! The PCB just makes it easier/cleaner for mass production. Here’s a good pdf on how to do it: matthias-schulze-elektronik.de

Note that the caps have a positive and negative lead. Don’t mix them up!

Also lots of good info here: