Wanted, VESC/Controller/Mount

Hey Guys,

To finish my build im looking for a VESC, controller (not a trigger one, one like boosted, benchwheel) and a motor mount to fit my new 6374 motor.

Living in The Netherlands :smiley:

What about @ajaynagra '‘s group buy? He should have everything. Maybe don’ t take the maytech vesc, everything else should be fine

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Get this one:


Long shipping time + customs + untested.

Best VESC option EU is esk8.de. Get it from @elkick.

If you like the thumb style, you have two good options: enertions controler or benchwheel (talk to @ajaynagra to get one) the winning remote is nice to handle too, but a lot of people reporting connection and battery problems.

Motor mounts: again @ajaynagra or from every other vendor around the EU.

How can you recommend a product that’s not even out yet?

Im just looking for esk8 owners who have these parts left and dont use them :slight_smile: Not brand new products

Soon will be. Apparently they are shipping the batch from China this week.

Yeah, but it’s been tested by 4 people. That’s not enough to recommend anything. From what we know, it may be worse than the winning, there’s people who love that and people who nearly died because of it

Bought a vesc from @Dunmer. Thanks!!! Still looking for a mount and a reliable controller!

Ajay got a minimun waiting time of 3 weeks :frowning:

That’s how group buys work :confused:

Its because of winter aswell, i dont feel confident of buying alot because this sport isnt as popular as it is in the summer

I like youre products however i need it to be done before the 19th of december :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone has a mini remote laying around please PM!

Isn’t the mini remote trigger style?

Bought a mount. Looking for a small reliable controller!

Bought a mini controller from Aliexpress, 5-12days shipping total cost €34,-