WANTED: VESC (fresh out the oven or second hand)


Well, title sums it up i guess. In need of a VESC because cant find any in my region (Netherlands)

Or have to buy a (dreadfull) ESC

Anyone familliar with vandaelectronics VESC?


https://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/vesc-v/ has one in stock

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What about esk8.de ?

There is a thread on European VESC suppliers (there are numerous). Just use the search function

You could buy at Alien Power System and with the vesc you could buy another parts to pay only one shipping. If you want I have a Discount coupon

IsTalo, thanks for the offer. But i decided to use one that is not specfically made for longboarding. The price in comparison with a normal ESC suited for the task is almost double. (want to have a budgetboard)

Sure, not always what the other people says is true. You can build a traditional board with Sk3 and Vesc and this things or you can build your own Frankstein, Good luck with your project

I have one left from my last build, if you still need one. I live in Germany.

For real? I live in the Netherlands, next to the border even. Ill pm you

can i get the discount coupon because i want to buy stuff from there for around the 250euros ? hah would be thankful man

4 sure, the discount is “gold customer”

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thank you man :smile: